Hi Aaron,

My name is Nikki Raver and I work at the Blue Mountain Humane Society in Walla Walla, Washington. As you probably know, working at an animal shelter can leave your clothes looking quite hairy by the end of the day. Carlton
I have spent endless hours vacuuming, lint rolling, duct tape rolling, you know it we’ve tried it, trying to clean the furniture in our shelter. Not only do we have all of the adoption areas to keep as hairless as possible, but we also have an office cat, Sir Carlton who has the run of the shelter.
After endless Google searches, review pages, pet store fails, we finally came across your product. I just wanted to tell you that it is a little miracle in your hands! The Chom Chom Roller gets the hair out of every piece of furniture we have, including Carlton’s favorite red chair, which happens to also be the chair that our volunteers use most during meetings. Staff and volunteers are VERY thankful we found your product, and we just wanted you to know!

Also, attached is a photo of our office cat Carlton on his favorite red chair in my office.

Have a great evening!

Nikki Raver – Director of Community Outreach
Blue Mountain Humane Society.

We have 5 indoor cats and had 1 hell of a time with cat hair all over everything. That was till I got your roller. I am on my second 1 in 3 years because of the wear and tear with so many cats. I will down the road be buying another I’m sure but well worth it. It 100% works and wouldn’t go without 1 again.
Jo Stanton – Omaha, NE

I found out about your product at The Conscious Cat web site. I received it today and it works great, with 12 cats I needed this product years ago.

Hi Aaron,
I just used the chomchom roller for the first time, on a bedspread and a chair, and I’m astonished and impressed with how much hair it picked up.  I’m really pleased!  I stopped using conventional lint rollers years ago… I had switched to an Evercare Magik Brush, which works well, and I’ll continue to use it on clothes and for “fine tuning.”  Thanks for the prompt service, and I’ll definitely be recommending your product.

I ordered this and I am BLOWN away at how well this actually works!! Never NEVER did I expect the spectacular results. I have 3 long hair Persian cats and one short hair cat..  There is constant fur. I had tried everything , nothing works like the ChomChom. This is an absolute MIRACLE Product THAT WORKS. Well made , Sturdy.
Thank you so much, you have made my life  easier!
Barb S. – New Jersey

The Chom Chom is amazing at removing pet hair!  I have never seen anything work this great on removing pet hair from furniture and bedding.  It is easy to use and easy to clean. I would highly recommend this product!!!
Bonnie C. – Danville, VA

Thank you for the ChomChom!!!! It is by far the BEST pet hair remover I have tried! I was at a standstill with removing pet hair off of items in my house from my 2 cats and with my allergies I was  stressing looking for a good hair removal system. You have made it! Thanks again!
Janis B. – Coeur d’Alene, ID

WOW!!!  This is amazing.  Happened to stumble across the ChomChom by accident on YouTube when searching for the best pet hair remover.  I was sceptical to begin with, and being overseas to the supplier and how much postage would cost took the chance anyway.  I am so glad I did, worth every penny in both cost and postage.  I have never known a hair removal system work as good as this one.  Would highly recommend.
Patricia C. – West Midlands, UK

Eric W. – Daniel, WY

I have tried many types of products from sticky rollers to expensive vacuum attachments. I can honestly say none of them are as easy to use and effective like the ChomChom roller. Worth every penny!
Kelly M. – Tacoma, WA

My brother introduced me to the roller. I have 3 cats, so you can imagine the amount of fur in our house. Makes me embarrassed as well when we have guests. Now with this roller, I get rid of the fur just as soon as I count to 3! I recommend this product wholeheartedly.
John F. – Los Angeles, CA

The world’s best pet hair remover. Sounds too good to be true… but I tried it and have yet to find a competitor to their lofty claim.
Ted L. – New York, NY

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